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PicPasso is a handy Firefox extension designed for remembering complex and safe passwords.

Everybody knows that you should use long passwords, choose unique passwords for each website, and of course change your passwords regularly. But who can remember all those passwords?

You can! Because PicPasso simplifies remembering passwords by providing pictures as password hints.

Remember your passwords image by image:
TE PicPasso makes creating and remembering complex passwords dead easy. PicPasso uses optical associations. You build your passwords image by image: first, you choose an imageOCothen you assign password elements to it. When you log on next time, PicPasso reminds you of the password by showing these pictures.

Enables you to create long and complex passwords:
TE This way you can create long and secure passwords, which you can remember without any problems. The passwords can be changed easily by rearranging the images or adding new images.

Use your own pictures:
TE You can also use your own pictures, which you can include with just a few clicks and afterwards use for your very own associations.

Your password is not stored anywhere:
TE The password is not stored anywhere and therefore cannot be stolen. The picture sequences are stored in an innovative way that prevents any clues to the actual passwords. The passwords are solely in your head.

Systems: Windows 7, WinXP, Windows Vista

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